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With Udemy for Government, we provide high-quality content to ensure all public servants have the crucial skills they need to stay ahead of global transformation. With access to 2,500+ courses, your government workforce can learn from top-rated experts around the world to bridge talent gaps, stay current with the latest technology and management trends, encourage innovation, and progress in their careers.

A training platform to upskill your public servants

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Give your government workforce access to relevant content for professional development

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Learn on any device anywhere, even offline

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Get actionable analytics and insights into the learning needs of public servants

Access 2,500+ courses across 20 different topics.
Find all the courses your public servants need to succeed today.

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  • On-demand access to 2,500+ courses
  • Private Logo & URL
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Create user groups
  • Assign courses to users

Analytics & Reports

  • User adoption and enrollment
  • Individual user engagement
  • Course analytics
  • Overall user activity
  • Course completion